Minneapolis Cops Caught On Tape Talking About 'Hunting' Protesters

Minneapolis Cops Caught On Tape Talking About 'Hunting' Protesters

Photo: Getty Images

Newly surfaced police body camera footage shows Minneapolis police officers talking about "hunting" protesters in the days following George Floyd's murder last May.

"Tonight it was just nice to hear we're going to go find some more people instead of chasing people around, we're gonna hunt –– you guys are out hunting people now and it's just a nice change of tempo," a Minneapolis police officer can be heard saying in the clip.

"Yep, agreed. F––k these people," another officer replies.

Court documents obtained by CNN show police planned to confront protesters who were out past the citywide curfew imposed in the days following Floyd's killing.

"We're rolling down Lake Street," an officer tells another group of cops outfitted in riot gear. "First f––kers we see, we're hammering them with 40s," the officer continues, referring to 40mm "non-lethal" bullets.

According to a September 2020 report by USA Today, more than 100 people from across the country reported severe head injuries from rubber bullets police used at protests over the summer.

The video footage was released by attorney Eric Rice, whose client was recently acquitted of firing a gun at officers after they shot non-lethal bullets at him on May 30, CNN reported.

"F––k these media," an officer says in another clip. "They think they can go anywhere." CNN's Omar Jimenez was arrested by Minneapolis police while covering the protests following Floyd's killing.

The Minneapolis Police Department nor the Minneapolis Police Federation have yet responded to the footage.

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