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The Uplift Network is an Urban Contemporary Gospel radio station that features Contemporary Gospel Music, Nationwide Ministries, and Local Community and News Podcast. The Uplift Network will serve the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex with a worldwide reach.

Contemporary Gospel Music Internet Stations are the fastest growing and accounts for the vast majority of Christian Internet stations. The Uplift Network will target the Millennial to GenX demographic with contemporary music, news, and more. Although most bill themselves as “church” oriented, almost every aspect of programming is aimed at “encouraging” those who are already Christians.

The Uplift Network will fill an important role in providing more accessible and relevant music and news to a slightly younger demographic other than the “Old Skool” Gospel stations. They do great work in this area and provide encouragement and sometimes inspiration/teaching to their target demographic.

Our Reach

  • 20,000+ unique website visitors
  • 200,000+ website page views 
  • 21,000 email subscribers
  • Facebook – 5k+ Likes

Our Demographics


  • 61.1% Female / 38.9% Male


  • 25-34 / 22.31%
  • 45-54 / 20.90%
  • 35-44 / 18.22%
  • 55-64 / 17.70%
  • 18-24 / 13.14%
  • 65+ / 7.73%


  • Mobile 48.10%
  • Desktop 45.54
  • Tablet 6.36

Customized Advertising Campaigns

The Uplift Network offers a wide variety of advertising and marketing opportunities. Our station targets a highly desirable 25 to 54-year-old audience with various Gospel Music, Talk formats, and more. Our focus is on working with our advertising partners by learning their business and goals and creating highly customized advertising campaigns to achieve their goals.

Let us help you get YOUR message out!

If you’re interested in putting together a full-blown advertising campaign immediately on, please email us at It is our mission to deliver unparalleled customer service and make promoting your product, music, or event on the simplest and most efficient way to buy highly targeted advertising impressions online while working within your budget.