DeOnte Greham - Owner | Chief Executive Officer

Dallas, TX – In a market where local gospel broadcasting fell radio silent this year, on Monday, July 5, 2021. The Uplift Network (The Uplift) promises to give fans of all-things gospel a new and improved listening experience. The all-digital platform will deliver radio programming centered around wholesome content for both the young and young-at-heart.

Home to Dallas-Fort Worth, The Uplift Network is an Urban Contemporary Gospel radio station featuring Contemporary Gospel Music, national ministries, along with local community news, from DFW talk radio legend Dr. Robert Ashley, as part of its initial catalog.

Dallas is one of the largest markets for gospel music, with many A-list gospel artists who call Dallas home. It’s one reason why DeOnte Greham, CEO of The Uplift Network, became passionate about starting a new Dallas-based gospel station.

“My goal is always to give people Jesus and bring live programming to our community,” said Greham. “We’re not just going to be a radio station; we’re going to be a community station that connects with listeners beyond our airwaves.”

As part of a strategic effort to connect with local churches and community members, The Uplift will host monthly Church Tours. These events will provide resources to families on homeownership, financial literacy to strengthen good stewardship in all areas of life and focus on promoting a robust and healthy lifestyle.

Greham’s resume extends decades in church, gospel music, and radio, but his experience as the final Program Director for Heaven97 KHVN-AM – before its doors were shuttered in late 2020 – helped shape the idea of creating a unique radio station. Information today is most commonly received digitally since the dot-com days amplified how end-users receive communication. Broadcasting through a digital space was an intentional effort to connect multi-generations across communities.

“We’re just trying to simplify the listening platform by keeping the content of gospel music and programming the same,” said Greham. “It gives our older and younger generation music to listen to while sharing a platform for both to experience.”


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