Weekend Worship with Lisa Shaw

Weekend, from 14:00 to 18:00

Program DJ(s)

The Host of The Weekend Worship


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Mlewis, 10 months ago
I Love the Weekend with Lisa Shaw Broadcast❤️
MikesWife03, 11 months ago
If you want to be "Uplift"ed....tune in to Weekend Worship w/Lisa Shaw! You're sure to receive encouragement and music that ministers to the soul.
ERich, 11 months ago
I Love the Lisa Shaw show. She has great topics & music.
crfnnell, 11 months ago
What an amazing and anointed DJ (Lisa Shaw) is a blessing from God. Her uplifting words of encouragement and timely and precise songs, truly uplift a hung down spirit and motivate you to take off to a new level.
patcomusic, 11 months ago
I'm enjoying Weekend Worship with Lisa Shaw!!! AWESOME!!!
Jecole2009, 11 months ago
Tuned in to Weekend Worship!! Love what you're doing Lisa Shaw, keep it up!!