The Lady Bell Show with Lady Wanda Bell

From Monday to Friday, from 06:00 PM to 10:00 PM

THE LADY BELL SHOW is the original, self-titled show of Lady Wanda Bell aka
“The Lady of Internet Radio”. The Lady Bell Show began in 2011 as a 30-minute radio broadcast one day a week and has grown tremendously throughout the years.

Now, it is a show with thousands of listeners nationwide and across the world, going strong for a little over a decade. The purpose of the show is to “edify your very spirit” and proclaim the power of God that is able to save and change lives, bring deliverance, and make us all new creatures in Christ.

A variety of Gospel music and its subgenres can be heard as well as scriptures and words of encouragement from Lady Bell and her guests. Guests include national recording artists, industry personnel, ministers, and those who advocate for several causes. There’s not a dull moment on the show!

The grand finale of each show’s segment is her signature stamp, “High Praise, Crazy Dance”. Lady Bell inspires her listeners to give God the praise, regardless to what’s going on. You will often hear her say, “Find a way to give God the praise!”
The Lady Bell Show plays Sunday to Sunday on a variety of stations. She possesses an intense passion to do what she does and knows that it is one of her life’s assignments.

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