Here's how North Texans can track mail-in, early voting ballots for March Primary Election

DALLAS — The first week of early voting in Texas starts next week and many have asked: once you’ve filled out your ballot and mailed it back, what happens next?

Specifically: Can you track your ballot?

The short answer is “yes,” you can track your ballot; how it’s done varies based on which county you live in.

You can visit the Texas Secretary of State website and use the “ballot by mail tracker” - just click here. You have to fill in your voter information and address and it will provide the information on your ballot.

Also, nonprofit Vote America has an online tool that allows Texas voters to check their ballot, both for mail-in voters and those who chose in-person early voting. Click here.

The Vote America tracker is searchable by voter ID number or first name, last name and county. It uses public data published by the State of Texas.

Here’s how to track your mail-in ballot in the biggest North Texas counties:

Collin County

Collin County Elections Administrator Bruce Sherbet says the county has an online search, where you can find your name in a roster spreadsheet and see if your completed mail-in ballot made it to election headquarters and, most importantly, if it was accepted.

Track your ballot: 

“Rejections are very low percentages,” Sherbet said. “They do happen, but it’s very uncommon.”

And if your mail-in ballot is rejected, by law, you have to be notified.

Dallas and Denton counties

As for Dallas County and Denton County, you can also track your ballot, but you have to email the elections department.

Track your ballot in Dallas County:

Track your ballot in Denton County: 

Keep in mind, if you’re still waiting to receive your ballot in the mail, elections departments cannot by law tell you when it was mailed or when you’ll receive it.

The deadline to request a mail-in ballot is Friday, Feb. 18.

arrant County

In Tarrant County, you can search online on the voter registration page. Once your information is populated, it will also include information about your mailed ballot.

Track your ballot: Check the voter registration page

Elections Administrator Heider Garcia walks voters through what to do next in a video tutorial his department shared online.